Fortune Fishing
Fortune Fishing
Fortune Fishing

Welcoming the God of Wealth on the high seas, nine divine deities arrive. Get ready to win big with the Lucky Wheel of Fortune, where rewards multiply with each layer, and a thousandfold prize is easily within your grasp! Equip powerful, wide-range weapons like the Dragon Cannon and mighty Golden Bullets to launch a frenzied assault on immortal bosses, the Dragon King Turtle and the Shark King, for effortless gold rewards at a hundredfold rate! Follow the rapid pace of the fish schools, blessed by the God of Wealth, and transform into a fishing tycoon! Exchange special fishing tools in the store, upgrade your equipment for a more magnificent presence, and dominate the fishing grounds with grandeur!

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Game specifications
3 players
Maximum Win
Game features
1. Speed through the high seas, and explore the unique fish-machine gameplay that awaits you. 2. Accumulate attack power, and unleash the Firecrackers to blast the entire field. 3. Launch the Gold Bomb attacks for a satisfying area bombardment that leaves no stone unturned. 4. Features of the God of Wealth: Gameplay 1: Conquer the God of Wealth to unlock the Lucky Wheel. Gameplay 2: When the arrow points to the God of Wealth, receive random multiplier rewards. Gameplay 3: Accumulate random arrow spins for layered multiplier rewards. 5. Encounter a variety of special fish species for effortless hundredfold rewards. 6. Item Store gameplay, it’s even more fun when fishing!
Compatible with
Mac OS