Make a Killing Fishing
Make a Killing Fishing
Make a Killing Fishing

With its unique god worship gameplay, "Make a Killing Fishing" brings players a shocking experience! The game features diverse map designs, and free-moving 3D characters, providing players with a deeper level of immersion. The top 2 ranked players will have the opportunity to enter the secret realm to attend the God Party, and have the opportunity to challenge the Fortune God Wheel, winning generous rewards from the gods! Are you ready for the gods to appear? Provide them with Fortune Money and Immortal Wine to make your wishes come true. This will be a super magical adventure tour."Make a Killing Fishing" will usher in a new era for fishing games!

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Game specifications
6 players
Maximum Win
Game features
1. Adopt 3D realistic scenic views, characters can move freely on the map. 2. Special secret realm (God Party) gameplay, obtain abundant rewards. Gameplay 1: The top 2 rankings enter the exclusive secret realm (God Party). Gameplay 2: Challenge the big turntable of the Nine Routes Wealth Gods. 3. Make offerings to wealth gods, earth gods, etc. using “Fortune Money”, and obtain rewards instantly. 4. Use “Immortal Wine” and “Fortune Lotus” to trigger super flames of the Stove God and Stove Goddess, and obtain high-multiple rewards. 5. Make a wish to the Dragon King, obtain a lucky turntable, with reward multiples accumulating layer by layer. 6. Use special item “Divination Blocks” to pray to the gods and obtain abundant gifts bestowed by the gods.
Compatible with
Mac OS